• tatibsblp

    They need to solve this right NOW. I have work files on the computer I use at work and time is being wasted, this is absurd.

  • Hernandez

    That’s why I keep my PC as away as I can from automatic update.

  • eWordNews

    This is not a geography-based issue, since the same happened in our offices and we are located in California. Our company works with translations and we run a bilingual English/Portuguese literary website (eWordNews.com), but fortunately we only use Windows on a virtual machine, so our files are safe in our Linux computers and server. We wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that we have Portuguese language tools installed in Windows, even tough we keep the OS interface in English in all virtual machines… Any thoughs?

    • The issue apparently happens to all kinds of file system minifilter drivers, so many applications could be causing it.

  • California (not Brazilla)

    Has caused my CPU to run constantly at 100% resulting in numerous crashes, disappearing security features (anti-viruses included), continuous internet disconnects, and router malfunctions. Lag time is the least of my problems. I have restored my system to earlier dates at least 6 times, but have discovered MS 13-036 deleted all my “Safe” restore points (the earliest is set for the MS 13-036 installation time). Immediately after the “security update” was installed and my systems subsequent rebooting, my computer crashed. Fortunately, my experience as a Systems Analyst is proving helpful in keeping my laptop on life support, but we shall see how long I can keep the MS 13-036 Frankenstein at bay. May I delete said security update without lasting detriment, or must I await expeditious resolution reminiscent of my lagging system?

    • Microsoft’s official recommendation right now is to uninstall this update.
      Edit: Here’s a reference: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2013/04/microsoft-hold-off-installing-ms13-036/

      • California (not Brazilla)

        Does the update have the ability to mutate? Inspected updates three (3) and it’s nowhere to be found; yet, just ran RAV PC Doctor twice and both times MS 13-036 (KB2823324) showed as residential, but cleaners “mysteriously” turn-off or shut-down every time removal is attempted. Time for me to hit the problem from another direction. I have never had infections and never imagined Microsoft would attack its own product, nor users. My other laptop uses Ubuntu and which never experiences such problems.

  • This whole issue has been massively understated. I live in a medium-sized town in Sâo Paulo state and there’s hardly an industry here that has not been heavily affected. In one car-part maker alone, there were 80 computers down. The short-term solution, of course, was to save files by a professional and format and start again – a costly business on a grand scale!! Why do we let these mega-industries get away with this?.

  • Vivi

    Oh, so Brazilian users were the most likely to be affected?
    Well I’m in California so I must be fucking SPECIAL.
    Got assaulted by an automatic update I didn’t want, ended up with my computer stuck in a reboot cycle; startup, windows logo, bluescreen, reboot, repeat.
    Safe mode is a no go, same thing happens. Tried running startup repair 5+ times, also a no go. Had to back up my entire system manually and wipe the entire thing just to get it to run.