About Linha Defensiva

Linha Defensiva is a Brazilian information security website. It’s managed by Rohr Provedor de Conteúdo Ltda, but run entirely by volunteers. It was founded by editor-in-chief Altieres Rohr on January 28, 2005, to replace a website called “Helplib” which was first published in September 2004. Its first article was a translation of the “Coolwebsearch Chronicles“,  authorized by author Merijn Bellekom.

In May 2005, Linha Defensiva became a partner of Universo Online, the largest internet portal in Brazil. They parted ways in mid-2008, when Altieres Rohr started to write a column called “Segurança para o PC” (PC Security) for Globo.com, another large Brazilian internet portal.

Other than publishing news, Linha Defensiva has a free malware removal service (as a member of ASAP) and publishes the free BankerFix tool to remove infections of Brazilian bank password stealers.

Through its ARIS-LD security response team, Linha Defensiva receives copies of malicious messages from readers, analyzes the malware found and notifies the hosting providers used by cybercriminals.

The English version of the website was launched in May 2012. The name “Linha Defensiva” means Defensive Line.

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  • Altieres Rohr1

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  • Giovane Martins
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  1. Responsible journalist for the publication. Registered under DRT 9290/PR